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About the services given to your dog...

The Complete Spa Groom

Petstyles Plus is an All-Inclusive Professional Pet Grooming Salon

using high quality natural products. I evaluate your dogs needs and make sure they are getting a personalized tailored treatment every time. I offer a deep clean bath with relaxing hydro massage, blueberry & Igroom facial (always included), safe blow dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned (plucked if requested),paws pads trimmed, sanitary area trimmed, haircut or deshedding-full brushout and discard undercoat to reduce shedding.

Grooming fees depends on the hair condition,styling and the size of dog. Some coats require more work and time. 


Cancellation Policy

Contacting me within less then 24 hrs of your appointment will result in 50% charge of the grooming fee. Failure to attend your appointment without notifying me will result in you being charged the Full standard rate that you were booked for. Please understand I work one on one with clients and rely on you to attend your appointment on time.

Call me for a price-check.By appointment only.

Specializing in small dogs Only ( 30lbs or less) 

Extra Services

Nail Trims $15.00

Extra $5.00 for Dremel

Flea baths extra $15.00

Medicated bath extra $6.00

Certified Dog Groomer,Fully fenced back yard, Petstyles Plus,9 Laurentian Lane
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